About RFPs

Your clients are raising the sophistication level of their procurement processes and utilizing a Request for Proposal. The promotional marketing RFP can be tedious, time-consuming, and totally overwhelming to the busy distributor who has spent his career committed to creativity, delivery, and fair pricing.

Tango understands what purchasing departments seek. Our RFP approach was developed from interviewing procurement professionals who shared what they’re looking for when reading answers. We update regularly to ensure we’re on top of current procurement expectations.

Promotional product distributors who hire Tango receive strategies and tactics to position their capabilities. We clarify your value and keep you on the right track through the process. With Tango, your responses demand attention. The result? Tango has a 93% RFP win rate of clients making it to the presentation stage.

Marsha Londe, Tango CEO, is a go-to resource for completing your RFPs. Confidentiality is an absolute. Tango accepts one client per RFP. We never disclose your name, unless it’s with permission and attached to a testimonial!