Working with Tango

Perspective and expertise for your business

You need a safe place for open discussion. With 25 years of experience in distributor sales coupled with Tango’s years of insight into business practices, we can bring the change you want to your firm, your team, and your sales.
What would you like to discuss with Tango?
  • Have you an RFP to complete?
  • Upcoming self-promo campaigns?
  • Are your sales teams dynamic?
  • Are you communicating promo product safety and compliance to your clients?
  • Are you maximizing the potential in your client base?
Take advantage of Tango’s experience to:
  • Improve your responses to Requests for Proposals
  • Enhance your self-promo and marketing opportunities
  • Move you to a more aggressive client development strategy
  • Coach your staff to reach new levels of performance